Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Good Enough Review #AsianLitBingo

After loving the last book I read for #AsianLitBingo, I was super ready to just dive in to the next book. I ended up grabbing Good Enough by Paula Yoo, which fulfills the Religious Asian MC category.

I picked Good Enough mostly because I grew up playing instruments (first piano and then guitar) and was excited to read about a character who loved music. I also picked it because I am a Christian and wanted to see how Christianity in an Asian American household differed from my own experience. Honestly, other than Patti's, the main character, parents being super strict about her school and music practice time (and the difference between public school versus home school), I didn't find much difference between her high school experience and mine. I did read a review by another reader (who was Asian American as well) who said that she found Patti's parents to be completely unrealistic. I do have to say though that I had several friends whose families were exactly like Patti's, so I don't think the representation in this book is too far off the mark for some people's experience.

I will say that I didn't enjoy the direction Patti and Ben's relationship went in. I also didn't really like the last chapter. I would have preferred a slow fade as opposed to the fast forward summary of the future that was written. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading this book and absolutely flew through it! I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars and think it's a good read for anyone from junior high and up.

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